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MHM is Melbourne's Premier Mustang Wedding Car Service

When it comes to weddings there is a lot to organize. We understand this and want to make the whole process of hiring cars as easy as possible for you.

We appreciate that you need to know what to budget for. This is why our prices are guaranteed at the time of your booking, and we do not index prices after a booking is confirmed.

We take bookings up to 18 months away - 50% deposit will hold your date and then the balance 50% payable 10 days prior to the day. This means you can focus on enjoying the day rather than remembering who to pay for what – at least as far as our cars are concerned!

Our prices are based on durations of up to 4 hours from when we first get to you to when we leave. Although we find that this usually allows for plenty of time, we are more than happy to arrange extra time to suit your day.

Note: Please note that our prices are GUARANTEED upon payment of deposit for all booking dates between now and the time of the bookings irrespective of toll and fuel price rises and kilometres travelled.



Happy Wedding Customers :)

Eleanor Wedding Service $990

Package Includes:

Are our cars the best available? We are confident that even by the photos you will see why they are so rare and valued so highly.

However if you would like to make an appointment to see the quality of the cars for yourself, and meet us before the day, please let us know.


Need additional time?

We have catered for bookings previously of up to 9 hours so can definately help out with extra time... $150 per hour after the 1st 4 included in your package.


Late Night Pick Up

Sometimes you want to leave in style and of course we can help with that too! Our normal package allows for transfers of around 1/2 hour usually to a local or city based destination.

Our pricing for this package is $350 if you have done a wedding with us or $390 as a stand-alone booking. We usually use our Eleanor Coupe for this service as it has a bit more room and more space for luggage.